A Story to Help Children Overcome Fear and Anxiety


“An innovative approach, informed by science but driven from the soul. A beautiful tale… and so much more,
The Magic Rainbow hug uses a powerful combination of storyteller’s words and storyreader’s guided touch to
reach a child’s heart.” -Rob Levin


The Magic Rainbow Hug

The Magic Rainbow Hug© is a heartfelt interactive storybook that helps children overcome fear and anxiety through playful relaxation and joyful touch.
The story is designed to help children learn relaxation skills and methods of calming while increasing the bonds between parents (caregivers) and children.
Positive suggestions are interspersed throughout the story to help children draw upon their own inner strengths and abilities. Its interactive adult-child element offers an optional technique that allows the uplifting story to be told by drawing it on a child’s back, which engages children at a multiple sensory levels.



The Magic Rainbow Hug Activity Book©

The Magic Rainbow Hug Activity Book© is full of fun activities designed to help children reinforce the story ideas into practice.

Watch the making (and enjoying) of "The Magic Rainbow Hug" book


What the Experts Are Saying…

I am so thrilled to announce StoryPlayer Dr. Janet Courney’s newest release “The Magic Rainbow Hug” book and “The Rainbow Hug Activity Book.” Our StoryPlay community were delighted and honored to play a supportive part in bringing Janet’s vision to fruition. Internationally recognized as a talented healer and storyteller, Janet’s unwavering dedication to birthing her inspirational story will surely be a gift to the children thoughtout our world. Her new process of storytelling is a treasure for parents and professionals alike. Give yourself the Magic of a Rainbow Hug today!



The Magic Rainbow Hug by Janet A. Courtney is a delightful book for children and parents.  The book would also be useful to professionals whose work is aimed toward helping children relax and reduce anxiety such as psychotherapists, daycare workers and massage therapists.  In addition to their reading the story adults are given instructions on how to use various means of gentle touch on children’s bodies, primarily the back, which expand on the story and feel good to most children.  For example, when the story speaks of leaves swirling in the wind the adult uses swirling motions on the child’s back.  Courtney includes an introduction, instructions and explanations that explain the value of therapeutic touch for helping children with anxiety in particular as well as other childhood problems. The book is made more charming by the addition of colorful and unique illustrations drawn by two talented 8 and 10 year old siblings.  Parents and therapists will find this book a valuable addition to promoting adult child relationships.



Dr. Janet Courtney was born to play and heal children trying to cope with fear and anxiety. Reading her beautiful book The Magic Rainbow Hug, I felt embraced by her insightful, caring words.and amazing illustrations. The companion activities book provides wonderful opportunities for a child to create with direction and to spontaneously create on their own. While primarily written for play therapist, I believe parents and care givers would do well to symbolically hug their little ones with these extraordinary presentations.

For more information about Dr. Courtney visit her main website at MyPlayTherapy.com