“The storm is over,” they shout. “Let’s go back outside.” They run out of the castle and dance in the sunshine.

As they wiggle their bodies they begin to notice something around them has changed.

Everything feels still and calm… the air smells sweet and fresh.

Jesse says, “I can almost taste the air; it smells so yummy.”

Sophie closes her eyes and sniffs the air and says, “Yes, it smells like…like…strawberry ice cream!

And…and peaches! And wildflower honey! Mmmm…delicious.”

Sophie’s eyes widen with excitement. “Let’s imagine all of those beautiful colors melting inside of us.”

Just like popcorn popping in a popper, Jesse begins jumping up and down with delight.

“Sophie, that’s the best idea ever! Here, let’s try this…Put your hands on your heart, and then…get really, really still.”

Together, Sophie and Jesse grow very quiet and place their hands over their hearts as little Oscar snuggles close.

In a soft slow voice, Jesse continues, “Now close your eyes ~ take a deep breath ~ and picture a beautiful rainbow.”

At that moment, Sophie and Jesse giggle as they imagine and feel all of the wonderful rainbow colors

flowing into their bodies and spreading from the tippy top of their heads all the way down to their toes

Sophie, Jesse and Oscar look around, and to their surprise they see a colorful stone castle up on the hill.

They know immediately that it’s just the right place to go.

Sophie exclaims, “Oh, a beautiful castle. Let’s go there.”

Jesse says, “Perfect! Let’s follow that path.”

They run into the castle where a friendly sign greets them:

“Welcome to
Imagination Park’s
Safe Place Storm Shelter”